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Let us face it – it is not all the time that we have everything accessible at our homes, most especially when it comes to electrical equipment and wiring at times that our treasured home appliances act up. Often, we are confronted by terrible situations like short circuits, troubled wiring, and electrical sockets that just stopped working for no apparent reason.


If you found yourself in the situations mentioned above, then welcome aboard because you’ve come to the right place! And it is not just a twist of fate that you have found us because all your electrical needs are here, from informational materials to try-it-yourself troubleshooting and fixing methods to actually hiring an electrician to pay a visit to your home to conduct a repair at the most affordable price you could ever imagine!

With a very wide range of services that our company offers, our clients have entrusted us not just with their electrical repair needs, but also with their daily dose of highly educational and informational articles and write-ups related to anything electrical that is distributed weekly through e-mail marketing and newsletters. All that it takes to receive these electronic ready materials is a tap or click on our Subscription link. We are empowered by the overwhelming support that we receive from our raving clients that is why our company is dedicated to delivering high-quality electrical information and services by adhering and living up to our Mission and Vision.

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To deliver a state-of-the-art electrical services to over a thousand of households across the United States without compromising safety and order of our clients. We vow to give a professional approach to troubled situations that require adequate professional technical work. We want to not just give service, but to gain trust from our valued clients as we do business with them.


To expand our reachability from the most commercial states of USA to the most rural places in the country. We believe in the heart for service and dedication to our craft that is why we are giving out our best to ensure that we will be able to serve not just the urban homes, but also reach the seldom untrodden places across the country to give high-quality electrical services and products.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced and trustworthy professionals. Our staff have undergone a number of training and are legitimate and certified with identification cards and other proofs of legitimacy and right to practice. We have service-oriented Customer Care Representatives that are available from 9 AM to 5 PM to attend to phone calls and e-mails coming from our valued clients. We hire trained electricians to do the actual labor and repairs; can come door-to-door or at any of our satellite offices located in the US, depending on the preference of the clients. We also have in-house writers and electrical experts to do daily postings, write e-mail newsletters for our subscribers, create informational graphics, and weekly journals to make sure that our clients are updated when it comes to electrical works and the like.

Our Services

Being in the business for over a decade now, our company has established a great bond with almost a thousand clients and households across the US by delivering state-of-the-art services at a very budget friendly quotations and prices. For home service repairs and on-site reconstruction, we quote service prices based on the level of labor required for the repair and parts that we replaced. We offer a wide-range of services: air condition repair, television repair, refrigerator repair, and a lot more. Please note that we do not just deliver quality services, but also sell electrical parts that passed the high-quality standards with 6-month limited warranty.

Setting an Appointment

Our company knows the value of time and convenience of our clients; that is why we made it easy for them to set an appointment with our licensed electricians. Door-to-door or home services can be requested via a number of channels: sending an e-mail request with the subject “I Want to Hire You,” a quick phone call providing several information like the location and the appliance to be repaired, and an actual office visit to set an appointment personally.

Payment Methods

We have designed a number of payment methods that our customers can choose from. Once the service or repair is done by our electrician, they can now proceed to the quotation and payment. The clients can pay via credit card so they can avail our installment plans, manual bank deposits, and an actual over-the-counter payment at any of our offices.


We know you are hungry for information that is why we made all things easy for you. This is a one-top for all things electrical! From setting an appointment to receiving electronic reading materials that talk about anything electrical: stories of successful electricians, sets of trivia, and try-it-yourself and basic troubleshooting. Just subscribe and sign up to our newsletter services and you are good to go!

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