Hidden Electrical Hazards in Your Home That You Should Be Aware Of

How safe is your home from electrical hazards? As we are used to electricity around us, many homeowners underestimate the dangers of potential electrical hazards and tend to ignore minor signs of electrical issues which over time can quickly escalate.

Unfortunately, our homes can be a prime location for various electrical hazards, and some of these hazards may not be readily noticeable and hidden from plain sight.

To help ensure your home is protected from electrical hazards, here are some of the hidden potential electrical dangers you must be aware of:

  1. Using poor quality chargers.

We need chargers primarily for our cell phones and laptops. You might think you are getting a good deal from cheap chargers you can easily buy online, but you should know that these cheap chargers can put you at risk of electrocution and even electrical fires. Almost always, you can expect that they are substandard and fail to meet safety standards.

  • Extension cords running under the furniture, carpets, and rugs.

Extension cords can cause slip and fall accidents. Meanwhile, if you run them under the furniture or carpet, chances are they’ll get damaged and their wires may get frayed without you noticing it immediately which can be dangerous.

  • Leaving unused appliances plugged in the electrical outlet.

A number of fires happen each year because of unused appliances that are left plugged into the outlets. Most unused appliances left unplugged from the outlets still consume energy that could add up to your energy bill, and more importantly, they are at risk of power surges and electrical damages.

  • Wall decor and pictures.

Think twice before hanging that wall decor. If you need to nail a picture or new decoration on your wall, be careful about hitting the live wires or damaging your wiring insulation. Otherwise, you risk getting injured from electric shocks, or in worst cases cause electrical fire to start.

  • Dirty and dusty exhaust fans

Exhaust fans plagued with dust and dirt can potentially lead into overheating and ignite a fire. Make sure you pay attention to the exhaust fans in your bathroom and have them maintained and cleaned regularly.

  • Flickering lights.

Flickering lights may be more than just a problem with your lighting fixture, it could also indicate a short in your electrical circuit which may call for an electrical panel upgrade.

  • Electrical outlet that feels warm to touch.

Overloading your outlets is dangerous. It can damage your appliances due to power surge, or in extreme scenarios may cause fire. If your outlet feels warm to touch, that can indicate an electrical issue that has to be addressed properly before the problem can go worse.

  • Burning smells.

Be wary if you notice burnt smells. This should not be ignored especially if you see signs of frayed or sparkling wires. Contact a qualified technician to have the issue taken care of.

The Importance of Proactive Home Electrical System Maintenance

As a widely popular saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and, this particularly applies to your home’s electrical system.

It is recommended that you have a licensed technician check your home electrical system every 3 or 5 years to ensure that they are in their best working condition. Make it a habit to do a routine visual check on your electrical wiring and outlets, and look for indications of cracks, broken pieces, and loose wirings and plugs. never ignore any signs of wear and tear and other electrical issues. Keep in mind that ignoring your home’s electrical system can be a costly mistake to make. Even what seems to be a minor electrical issue can escalate quickly and lead to devastating damages.